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  • aussiegirl
    We have these in Australia, I'm sure you could get them there too! Small enough to take anywhere, but strong, I think to lift 100kg.

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  • Ellie
    sunset709 I'm sorry for your predicament Steve.

    Honestly, I'm not much use to you as I don't know of any contraption small enough to bring places with you, even a small portable standing hoist is too big to bring around, it's heavy too, so a bit of a palaver getting it in and out of a car boot.

    I use a standing hoist, which needs another person to operate it, but use it only indoors or on the patio.

    Have you access to an Occupational Therapist? Your wife might do her back in so hopefully someone know of a handy solution for you.

    Love to you and your wife.

    Ellie xx

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  • sunset709
    started a topic Aid to standing up

    Aid to standing up

    i have a neurological condition which has not been diagnosed but Iis likely to be MND.

    At present I can walk with a walker but my problem is standing up from sitting position. At home I have a riser chair and a riser bed. But when I go out I need
    increasing assistance to get out of the car or getting up from outside seats and benches. It is causing my wife to get back ache

    I have little arm strength so car grab rails do not help. Also swivel cushions do not help as I can get my feet onto the ground.. I need something that rises me up. We tried various cushions but they flatten when you sit on them. I a not a tank and weigh 69 kg
    Any suggestions.