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    Footwear is a problem.I can’t walk now either but when I go out in the wheelchair I want to in my head look ok.Like you I have had to buy bigger shoes to accommodate drop foot.I managed to get leather ankle boots from Pavers with 2 zips , one each side and then go on effortlessly so far.

    I bought slippers in a bigger I don’t walk anywhere and am assisted to transfer.Just ordinary slippers so far.

    I bought some extra long black socks on Amazon which pull right up to top of legs which just look like black thick tights.I can wear these with a tunic dress if I feel I want to get out of around the house leggings, stretch jogger type trousers.

    Having lost so much weight and needs changed I have had to rethink what’s practical to wear given toilet needs, warmth etc.

    Friends coming today so time to choose what to wear and slap on some make up, perfume etc.It makes me feel good.
    Have a good day
    Best wishes
    Mary x


      Mary C. My right foot is very swollen so can't get anything normal on. I have no control over my right leg and foot at all. I've bought some knitted leg warmers that go half way up my thighs and tuck nicely inside my calf length boots, and are very warm when I go out. Normally they would fall down if I could stand up or walk, but as I can't the work really well. They were really cheap so that's a bonus.
      I can't get leggings or anything I need to pull up on as I can't lift my bottom up at all. I have so many snugly clothes from the old days it's frustrating.
      I have no idea what I weigh now as it's been quite a while since I've been able to stand on the scales, although I was losing weight last time I weighed myself. I know I have expanded around the middle though as I can't get any coats done up (possibly because I can only do the zips up while seated) and my adaptive skirt which I've only had fire a couple of months, now feels tight. My appetite is reduced and I definitely eat much less now than I did, but I was very active before and burnt of all the calories. Along with my legs, my arms and core are now much weaker. I think everything has sagged 🥴🤣🤣x