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    Hi Sue. I have a hoist which I use to get on and off a closomat toilet. I wave at the device on the wall so I’m independent. I have 2 slings and when I’m having a shower I put my old sling on first thing and go about my business until it’s time for a shower. I sit on a shower chair with the seat thingy removed and then shower away. The hardest bit of the process is afterwards when I remove the wet sling, get dry and then start with the dry one. It’s a little extra effort but I can still do myself ( just) and it’s relatively ok.


      Thanks ellie didn't know my wicked side was so apparent. 🤣

      Yes Matthew you are right about the cold rinse. I thought it could only heat so much water so once it ran out you had to sit a while and wait for it warm up. Its certainly better than loo roll though. 🤭
      when i can think of something profound i will update this.