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Peg feed advice please

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  • Terry
    Hi Sarah;

    I've know of many people that have a pump feed during the day. I don't know how you keep up with enough food using a syringe, it's quite labour intensive if you don't eat and drink as well.

    As Ellie says. start off with a very low amount per hour and build it up gradually. Some pumps can run off of a built in battery so you can use them when out and about.

    What and how much do you eat, drink and put through your feeding tube per day, roughly?

    Love Terry

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  • Ellie
    Hi Sarah,

    Sorry to hear you're losing weight, that's not what we want really! Any bit of padding on our bony bits is welcome.

    Can I ask if your calorie intake requirements were assessed and set by a Dietitian? You ought to be reassessed, or assessed, to stop the weight loss.

    The pump feed works well overnight - it's programmed to take 8-10hrs (or however long you want it to take) so you are fed whilst sleeping. It's just a case of an easy set up of the feed and pump and let it do its thing.

    A few things to note:
    The pump is very quiet, or at least the one I use is (Nutricia Flocare Infinity)

    The feed goes in slowly, so you won't feel full as after a meal, but you won't feel hungry either.

    You cannot lay flat whilst being fed because of a risk of aspiration, your head needs to be raised a bit.

    You may need supplementary calories during the day, e.g. Fortisips or Ensures or a shortish pump feed.

    You maybe can continue with your daily feeds and get supplementary calories for 3-4hrs by pump during the day/evening if you normally sit and relax - though my pump is small and portable.

    If you start pump feeding, it is best to start low and slow and let your system get used to it.

    The Dietitian will prescribe a feed best suited to your needs and the feed, pump, giving sets etc will be provided and you and your family/carers will be shown how to use them.

    Love Ellie.
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  • Kayleigh
    Hello Sarah

    I am sorry to hear that you are losing weight. Boney legs and arms etc can make sitting and lying down particularly uncomfortable, and so I hope your OT is providing you with any extra cushions etc you might need to make you more comfortable.

    I would have thought that your nurse and/or dietitian should be pro-actively monitoring your weight and doing what they can about your feeds etc to ensure that you don't lose weight - but it's good that you are being so pro-active by asking for advice. I don't have a PEG, but hopefully others on the forum will be able to advise you.

    Take care.
    Love Kayleigh x

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  • slp
    started a topic Peg feed advice please

    Peg feed advice please

    Hello lovely people

    I have been using my peg almost entirely for 5 months having daytime syringe feeds but I am losing weight still so I am thinking about trying overnight feeding to get more calories in,I really need to put some weight on I am so bony

    I know that some of you use them so I would like to ask for advice,how does it work? do you still sleep well? how does it affect your day?

    thanks in advance

    Sarah x