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how many hours do you get of free personal care?

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    how many hours do you get of free personal care?

    just wondering what everyone gets and did you have to justify every minute?

    Hi IV,

    Sadly, none - the NHS and my local authority don't deem me 'worthy' enough to receive funding for paid carers. Its a case of doing things myself, as well as I can.

    I hope that the provision of funding for carers in Scotland is much better than it is in England!

    Best wishes,
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      Hi Lv;

      Kayleigh puts it so well and the same applies to me. My wife has to do everything every day apart from five and a half hours in the hospice once a month, even then she has to drive me which takes up two of her hours.

      It's no good us moaning to you because we know something of your situation.

      Love Terry
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        Hi again IV,

        It's difficult enough to get funding for carers approved in the first place - you shouldn't have to fight for the provision of this care to be increased - it should increased, when you need it to be, so that your care needs can be fully met.

        I don't know how the system works in Scotland, but in England, if someone qualifies for Continuing Health Care (which is fully funded by the NHS), the provision of their care should be reviewed regularly, and increased if necessary.

        Like Terry, I am fortunate that sometimes I am able to get some help from my family. They are able to help me with the domestic side of things, such as food preparation etc, mainly in the evenings and at weekends, which is when they are not at work.

        Hopefully the MNDA will help you to get the provision of your funded care increased, if you would like them to.

        Best wishes