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I am trusting that today is not going to be the way from now on

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  • Ellie
    EvelynMW You're a hard taskmaster Evelyn 😉 Be kind to yourself!

    Pace yourself - we don't have endless energy so, no wasting it on housework etc, keep it for your precious walks 👍👍

    Anyway, walking slowly allows us to get a better view of nature 😏😍😘😘

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  • Lynne K
    EvelynMW you certainly are less disabled than most of us. Dog walking is a joy. Enjoy it whilst you can xx

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  • I am trusting that today is not going to be the way from now on

    Got up very late, had a shower and washed my hair. Dinner at 13:00, half hour to rest.

    Got togged up for a dog walk. Started off sort of ok, but, during the long very slow slope, less than 1 in 100, i really felt like giving up. Not felt like that ever!!!!!

    i have never struggled so much on a dog walk. Peter slows down for me, but today, there was no chance of me keeping up. i couldn't even increase my speed on the downhill section!

    Run out of energy, used up my supply. Tomorrow WILL be better!

    I keep in mind that i am still progressing slowly, and have more ability than many of you, and i remain extremely grateful for that.