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    Hi Sheila,

    I am so sorry about your mum. You have got such a lot to deal with, coping with the loss of your mum in addition to the trauma of your diagnosis.

    Its good to hear that you are seeing your GP again soon, so that your medication can reviewed. Hopefully you will also be offered some therapy, which should help in addition to your medictation.

    Perhaps there is a counselling service at your local hospice? It might also be possible to go to the hospice for some relaxing therapies, such as a massage. Most hospices have their own website, which includes details of the services and therapies they offer.

    Sometimes it takes a combination of medication and therapies, such as counselling, to be able to treat depression/anxiety effectively.

    I remember coping with the loss of a loved one by going to bereavement counselling, and I was able to cope with my grief without taking medication.

    However, the diagnosis of MND has been very difficult for me to cope with and I have needed to take medication in addition to some counselling sessions. I was a bit cautious about taking taking anti-depressants for the first time, but found it re-assuring to know that I could start on a low dose which could be increased, if necessary.

    The counselling is good because I have been able to talk through my feelings confidentially, with someone who has a good understanding of the emotions I am going through but will not get upset about what I tell them.

    Many thanks to Jim for starting this thread. Also, many thanks to you Sheila and everyone else on the forum who has been generous enough to share their experiences of how they cope with anxiety/depression.

    It's not always easy to be open about discussing such a personal issue, but by doing so, hopefully we can help each other with support and advice.

    Also, I hope more people will be encouraged to get help if they do suffer from depression/anxiety, eg from their GP, MND nurse, local hospice.

    Love and hugs,
    Kayleigh xx


      Hi Kayleigh!
      You write such beautiful letters and give me such good advice, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was very close to my mum, she was 92 when she passed so a very good age!!
      I will see the doctor next week and review tablets etc, They do relaxing therapies, counselling at my nearest hospice but it is quite a long way from my home. But maybe my husband and I can visit sometime!
      I hope you are coping ok with everything! I know you have a supportive family and good friends.

      Chat soon!
      Sheila x


        Thank you for your lovely comments Sheila. You are a very kind-hearted lady!

        I'm sorry that your hospice is so far away. You have made me realise that although hospices do have some good facilities on-site to offer us, not everyone has a hospice within reasonable travelling distance.

        Although hospices do provide help in the community, I wish that all patients could have one close by, making it easier to visit one if they wanted to.

        Its a great shame that the Government doesn't provide more funding for hospices, as they offer such a valuable and vital service to a lot of people.

        I hope you are enjoying the weekend. It was very windy outside today and so I didn't even go out into my garden. The bird feeders got blown off their hooks and all the bird food ended up on the grass - never mind, I'm sure the magpies will enjoy it!

        I will remind my hubby to fill up the feeders, so that the smaller birds don't get hungry. He's got enough to do really - but if he complains, I'll say he should have kept a closer eye on the weather forecast and taken the bird feeders down, before they fell down! LOL

        It's lucky my hubby's got a good sense of humour! ! - and I expect he would say he's got the patience of a Saint, putting up with me being a Little Miss Bossy Boots sometimes!! LOL

        Love and hugs,
        Kayleigh xx
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          Morning Kayleigh!

          And thank you for your kind comments, advice and help! Actually, that goes to quite a few of you on here.

          As for hospices. It is a shame they are not more local. I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere! Nothing but countryside. I do have access to the M5 but sometimes (usually every week!) There's accidents. Influx of holiday makers travelling down to Devon/Cornwall keeping the motorway very, very busy.

          Yeah! We feed the birds as well (tuppence a bag lol!) We usually have a little Robin visit everyday (we call it Spud). But the storm yesterday was bad! We had a pigeon nesting near by but it had to abandon ship due to the wind! The nest was quite exposed even before.

          My hubby and son has to have the patience of a saint to put up with me and this disease!

          Enjoy your Sunday! Currently watching the London Marathon and feeling extremely lazy lol.

          Sheila xx


            Kayleigh, when your husband says you're sometimes bossy, tell him he's lucky as I'm bossy all the time!

            Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.


              my mam.was given amitryptiline but not for long gp care was negligent at nursing home i take vit b complex its good for depression /anxiety


                Thanks Streetwise, I will have to get some Vitamin B complex, see if it helps me.