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Trapped in the ladies room 必

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    Trapped in the ladies room 必

    Had a get together at a restaurant with some friends from work. I shuffled to the bathroom (started using a walker/rollator) and the door to the ladies bathroom was heavy but I could push it open. I went to the bathroom, then washed my hands and moved toward the door and realized that I would have to pull open the very heavy door. I tried several times, with no success .
    Luckily I had brought me phone in my pocket, so texted my friend to come to my rescue. Sheesh!

    AngieCanuck its upsetting to find yourself stuck anywhere, but at least you were only stuck behind a door. Its good that you had your phone on you. Ive gotten very obsessed with having my phone within reach.

    On my last outing with a friend, in December, I got stuck on the toilet. The toilet was a bit low, the grab bar was too far forward, and my legs were not cooperating. Theres nothing quite like sitting on the throne, pants around your ankles, contemplating calling for a lift assist.

    Fortunately, I was in a single user room instead of the ladies so my husband came to my rescue. Unfortunately, that was the last time I was out beyond range of my own bathroom at home.
    Diagnosed December 2020 with lower limb onset ALS, now involving hands and arms.