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    I think it's a beautiful photo of you and your wife, Barry. You both look very happy and relaxed. I'm glad you had a very enjoyable time on the cruise, despite the rough seas making it not so easy to walk on the deck!

    I liked the other avatar photo too - and I didn't notice you had black eyes! But then I remember you mentioning, quite a while ago, that you didn't like it that your wife's
    M&S carrier bag was in the photo, and I didn't notice the carrier bag either! I think my memory is good - but it might be time for this kross-eyed Kayleigh to go for an eye test!!

    A great shame that you had to sell your place in Tuscany! I heard on the forum grapevine that CC has purchased the property and has converted it into a luxury holiday retreat for 'Victoria's Secret' Models - and she's looking for a mature, English speaking, smooth-talker to be their live-in chauffeur/gigolo ... and, undoubtedly, a certain gentlemen we know (who much prefers 'silky, sexy stockings' rather than 'oh heck, not those bl...dy awful pantyhose!') has already submitted his application!! Lol

    Kayleigh ×
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      A property for out of work Victoria Secret models ... you make me sound like a Madame lol great idea though I could make a fortune!!

      Bras, panties and stockings would all be required

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        Hey Kwick-fingers

        Now you’re being even naughtier than Debbie was in the way she started this thread!

        But your vivid imagination has conjured up the dream retirement job. I’m sure CC and I would make a huge success of it! Anyway, something nice to think about this morning while I’m on my hands and knees trying to weed the fruit cage – all I can manage nowadays.


        Doug x

        But to be serious for moment, I think it’s marvelous that this forum can accommodate everything from this harmless humour to the terrible heart-rending threads we often read.

        Thank you everybody.



          I didn't mean to start a naughty thread , honestly!! It has kept me chuckling, however.

          I agree Doug, with all the heartbreak and loss associated with this disease it's good that we can chat and smile about silly things.

          Thank you.
          Love Debbie x


            I have a business partner now too You handle the ladies Doug, I'll handle the customers and we will even throw in a few of Kayleigh's gigolos to help bring in the female clientele

            I just wonder if this business is legal in Italy ?????? lol



              Humour is a great medicine Doug and yes we all need some relief from the challenge of MND.

              I haven’t yet been able to sell my apartment in Tuscany but maybe after B***it (don’t want to mention it) is over. Your business proposal sounds good but I’m the chauffeur since I know the roads well. I guess we would have to cut uncle Carmen and cousin Vinnie in.

              Barry x
              I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


                Hi Barry

                Let me handle Uncle Carmen and Vinnie, I'll make them an offer they can't refuse I don't want them cutting into anyone's profits here and you know how those Italians can be ...

                LOL xox


                  Sounds good to me CC. I'm just wondering what "handle" could mean!

                  All on one floor. Ramps and hoists everywhere. Very therapeutic!

                  I've had to give up weeding. I did a bit, then got up and promptly fell over - no damage except to confidence.

                  Thanks Debbie - we're in your debt, seriously.

                  Doug x


                    I have really enjoyed reading this thread - so much of it appeals to my sense of humour. The only reason I haven't joined in is because it is probably a bit soon after I joined the forum.

                    Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.


                      Handle as you see fit Doug we partners remember

                      If they want the floor, ramps and hoists we charge extra for that, that falls under our 'therapeutic package', and bra, panties, stockings we will make optional with this package, but if they want it we charge extra too. We have our overhead to think of.

                      Come join the fun Dina the more the merrier



                        Please feel welcome to join in Gina! I think you have a great sense of humour - and please don't hesitate to join in, as often as you would like to!

                        (Once someone has joined the forum, they are very welcome to join in on any threads, as well as creating new threads whenever they would like to.)

                        Love Kayleigh xx


                          Oh you are awful but we like it !!! (I believe this was a. Catchphrase years ago but don't know who said it)


                            Hi Miranda,

                            I remember Dick Emery used to say the catchphrase 'Oh you are awful .....' from way back in the 1970s -and I think I also remember Kenneth Williams saying it in some Carry on Films (but if there are any Carry on Film fans on the forum, they might know?)

                            Dick Emery:-

                            I was a only a wee nipper in the 1970s, but I remember 'The Dick Emery Show' being very popular - as well as comedy shows like 'The Benny Hill Show'. They used to make me laugh but perhaps that style of comedy wouldn't be so popular these days!

                            Love Kayleigh xx
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                              ..... and for fans of Benny Hill .... here's some light hearted 'slapstick' comedy for the Bank holiday weekend (including an extra special 'treat' for our Doug! Lol )

                              Hopefully this will raise a few chuckles! ....


                              Love Kayleigh xx


                                Darling Kayleigh

                                Thank you! How on earth do you find such things? And all the other incredibly helpful links you post.

                                That clip brought back specific memories. I’ll PM you.

                                Doug x