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Toilet troubles

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    Toilet troubles

    Hello all
    First post here and it's an embarrassing one! Wanted to see if anyone had experience with a bed pan. I'm male and use a urine bottle while lying on the bed for a wee which is fine. I have been using a commode chair for going to the toilet for a poo (my wife transferring me from seated on the bed) but it's getting difficult to position myself properly now. I was thinking of trying a bed pan. I could use the bottle first for most of the wee but my worry is that after the poo some wee will come out and as I'd not be sitting upright on the bed pan where would it go, how can it be caught (using the bottle wouldn't work)? I still have a normal bed so my back would be propped up on pillows I guess.

    The whole thing is very depressing not to mention total loss of dignity. Any thoughts welcome. Thanks

    Its not embarrassing at all. We all at different times need this advice. Can the district nurses recommend anything?
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      Eddie70 Hi, I’m not that stage yet but I understand the potential problem. Another question for me would be how do you position yourself on a bed pan? They’re quite precarious and that could present another undignified problem. Agree that a chat with a community nurse or an OT might be useful. There are plenty of people who will have faced this challenge.
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        A warm welcome to the forum Eddie - and you'd be surprised by the amount of toilet talk that goes on here, so please don't be embarrassed 😏 (we've been known to use the 💩 emoji)

        A few things come to mind:
        What about a hoist? (Are you in bed permanently?)

        Originally posted by Eddie70 View Post
        ... I'd not be sitting upright on the bed pan ...
        It's best to sit as upright as possible - are you in a hospital bed?

        The nurse will hopefully know which type and shape of bedpan will suit you best and explain/show (not literally!) how to use them to minimise spills.

        Love Ellie.
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          Eddie70 Hello and welcome to the Poo club 😀! The achievement of the perfectly delivered and timely 💩 is like the search for the holy grail or the last digit of Pi. Sorry to be of no help whatsoever. I’m big on empathy though ☺️
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