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Recommendation for drinking aid

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    Recommendation for drinking aid

    I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for a drinking aid (cup). My Dad is really struggling to drink and is very dehydrated, he goes for his PEG next week. He is drinking out of a normal glass just now but doesn't have the control leading to big gulps making him choke and take in a lot of air which is upsetting his stomach.
    He doesn’t have a suck reflex so a straw is no good. Anyone any suggestions?

    Thank you 😊

    Drumond30 Search on Amazon for 'cups for dysphagia' and see if you think your dad could manage any (of course you don't have to buy from that site, it's just handy for seeing what's available)

    Adult sippy cups don't need a strong suck effort as, unlike kid's cups, don't usually have valves in their spouts - if they do, check they can be removed.

    If he is dehydrated, 'next week' for the PEG procedure, can seem a long time away, and you want him the best possible shape for it, so however he can, he needs to get liquid into him, even if that's on a teaspoon or, and I hate suggesting this, maybe even baby bottle or cup. xx

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