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Drinking through straw difficulties

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    Drinking through straw difficulties

    Hi. I've not posted in a while. I'm having a lot of difficulty using a straw now for my drinks ,even though most of my fluid is through the peg ,I still enjoy a fizzy drink of a evening. Has anyone got any suggestions on a beaker or certain straws I could try? I'm unable to hold a glass ,so I have my glass on an over bed table and use a bendy rubber straw,but don't have the strength to suck the liquid up through the straw. Any suggestions would be great.


    I cut my silicone straws to size as I don't have the oomph to suck around the bend of the bendy straws

    There are straws available with a one-way valve, meaning you can sip up the liquid in a few attempts without it sliding back down the straw - they can be a bit Marmite though. Have a look online, they're widely available.

    Then there are drinking 'systems' such as the Sturdy Straw and the Fleximug Expensive enough and Fleximug comes from the US, so may incur import charges. xx
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