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I’m sick with worry, Experiencing muscle twitching

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    Definitely not muscle twitching as a first symptom….tripping and dragging my left leg was my first symptom. Twitching came a lot later.
    if it helps, my husband (who is totally healthy and definitely doesn’t have MND) gets muscle twitching. Especially when he is tired and stressed.
    From my understanding, people with MND have a loss of function of a limb or speaking difficulties and muscle twitching comes much later after motor neurones have died


      I’ve felt some twitching in my neck tonight, with reading about bulbar onset etc is twitching in the neck linked to MND or can it be benign fasciculations?


        AnxiousWorrier85 I think you need to re-read all the responses on this thread. From what I've read all the answers you seek are there.

        I hope you get to speak to your GP very soon.
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        Started limping 2017, diagnosed August 2021. Wheelchair user and reduced shoulder function. Trying to be positive 😺.


          I have had some bloods done and they all came back clear so my muscle twitching isn’t T being caused by electrolyte and vitamin deficiencies.
          Stupidly I have read about testing reflexes and I decided to put my mind at rest and test my below the knee reflex, it’s quite quick and brisk depending on how hard I tap, is this something that is worrisome? It can you have normal reflexes like that? I’ve read so much different information I’m so confused by everything now.
          Thank you x


            Please, you cannot test your own reflexes and make an assessment about whether the result is brisk or not. Others have recommended that you discuss symptoms with a GP or neurologist. No one on this forum can help you with such questions. Please ask a professional
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              AnxiousWorrier85 Please, please, please be kind to yourself and to us, and start that help for your self-declared health anxiety - don’t just talk about getting help, actually do it.

              You post on lots of different forums, not all of them ALS/MND related, so it’s clear how bad your health anxiety is, and it must be taking over your life: it is real, it is debilitating, it is treatable.

              You have seen your GP and please continue doing so.

              Please, please, please also realise quite how inappropriate it is to continue posting on this forum. There is a forum called No More Panic, which I suggest you visit whilst also blocking this forum for your sake.

              Take care.

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              Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.