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Scrunched up painful toes.

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    Scrunched up painful toes.

    Chris has really scrunched up on toes, spasticity really. However these toes are getting sore in general.
    His hands are the same but we can put rolls in there to ease the tension.
    Can't do that for the toes through. He takes baclofen with little effect, anything else?

    I use 'toe crest pads' for the same issue, although it sounds like Chris has it worse than I do - they are silicone gel pads which sit under the toes, held on by a loop over one toe, and are cheap enough to buy-to-try (but, if buying some, steer clear of cheapest ones)

    Photo, underside of foot:

    Gel Toe Crest.jpg

    I tried 'toe spreaders' too but boy were they uncomfortable for me, others like them though.

    Botox injections to release muscle tension is also an option and, if Chris has a Podiatrist (I think I can hear you laughing from here 😉), get them to pop in to take a look - curled toes played havoc with my toenails too. xx
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      Thank you Ellie, will try those gel pads xxx


        I’m going to second those toe pads. I can not stand the feeling of my toes being curled inside shoes. They make a huge difference to me. I hope they help Chris.
        Diagnosed December 2020 with lower limb onset ALS, now involving hands and arms.