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Constipation, As we are on the subject.

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    Constipation, As we are on the subject.

    My partner has been trying to use Fybogel but lately the texture of the stuff has been triggering her choke reflex. Does anyone know if you can put it through the PEG. Or is there something else that can go through the peg?

    I would like to know also for in the future.
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      Originally posted by Chris Mottram-Wooster View Post
      ... Fybogel ... Does anyone know if you can put it through the PEG. Or is there something else that can go through the peg?
      I wouldn't risk putting Fybogel through my tube for fear that the husks would block the tube - you could check with the pharmacist.

      There are different types of laxatives (pushers or softeners, in layman's terms) so your partner's GP or Nurse will know which one(s) to try, and most are good to go through the tube. I take Senna and Docusate nightly down my tube, and Movicol, when needed.

      I used to take psyllium seeds on yoghurt, though the husks need to be diluted, AFAIK.

      If she wants to increase her fibre, well blended smoothies can go through the tube, as well as fruit juices and fibre enriched nutrition (on prescription) and, of course, plenty of water. xx

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        My dietician prescribed Hi Fyber, which I put down the peg. I also drink two Fortisip Compact Fibre a day and this works. It is all delivered by Nutricia as my GP is still as much use as a chocolate teapot!
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          This is not advice to anyone just my experience for what it’s worth. Have been plagued by constipation in recent months sometimes for 7 days or more.

          When it eventually clears I get contractions which I imagine must be like childbirth as is the eventual end result!

          GP prescribed lactulose but King’s asked her to prescribe Docusate and Bisacodyl instead which I took occasionally but clearly not often enough. Her latest advice is to take both daily. Yet to see if that prevents constipation.

          My Dietician arranged for samples of Hyfiber to be sent which seems to have made a difference but too early to tell really.

          I put 2/3 bottles of Nutricia fibre and 1 protein through my PEG per day. I realise hydration and exercise should also be part of the mix.

          Haven’t come across other meds mentioned although a few years ago before all this Sennakot tabs worked and caught me out to my great embarrassment.

          Here’s hoping I now have enough options to sort things out in future.
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            Hi, just to share our experience, I care for my wife and we have been recommended to use lactulose via the RIG and to add Optifibre to her feeding regime. This is dissolved 1 scoop in 200ml of water and I give her this in 2 x 100 ml doses during a feed, one in the morning and one at lunchtime. I buffer each dose with a flush of water before and after to keep it way from the food and keep the tube clear. It seems to be helping and is certainly better than lactulose alone. I would add that I was very cautious about using this as I was first advised to add it to the food but it immediately congealed into lumps and I wasn't going to put that through the RIG! However, having talked to the dietitian this method of dissolving it in water seems to work. Hope that is useful, rgds Duncan