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    A few months ago my nurse referred me for CHC funded care. I hadn't really heard of it before ,but was told that it would be beneficial going forward. I currently only have one care call a day in the morning for shower etc. My husband does the rest of my care for the day. We aren't eligible for free social care because I had a lump sum last year from a family member to help with home adaptions and household bills.
    The whole process is taking months. we had our second assessment last week and are waiting for the decision.
    I just wanted to know how long it all takes normally and how it all works?
    The specialists have advised over night care because of the niv and the fact I'm in a separate room to my partner. They are concerned about choking risks. Is that normal? does anybody else have over night care?
    it's all new territory for us both and not really sure how the whole process works.

    Thanks. x

    Hi, my palliative care nurse said that there are two routes to CHC funded nursing care. The first is a fast track route that she can initiate for a short period of (I think) 12 weeks. The slower route involves a full assessment against a set of fixed criteria. You can find the assessment form via Google. The fast track route gives quick access and effectively a ‘window’ for the completion of the full assessment.
    Irrespective of CHC funding, my palliative care nurse referred me to the Marie Curie organisation who can provide up to three nights a week of nighttime care free of charge.
    We haven’t taken up any of the free nursing care options yet. My wife currently does everything for me very well, and that’s ok in the short term. Given my steep rate of decline, we reckon it is only a short term problem anyway. Nonetheless it’s great to have nursing care available as an option.
    That’s my understanding of the system here in Hertfordshire, where I have to say community care for MND is very well organised. Hope this helps.
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