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    part time eating

    hi there every one which foods are you part time eaters eating? I miss food somuch but dred the coughing after if I haven't cleared it away properly.

    Originally posted by House44 View Post
    which foods are you part time eaters eating?
    I eat a small lunch most days, which is the only non-tube nourishment I get, so I try to eat tasty meals and make them count. I am vegetarian, (meats can be troublesome to chew and swallow because of their texture) - some favourites meals are:
    • Omelettes – very versatile, easy to eat.
    • Risotto – again, very versatile, easy to eat (I cannot eat ordinary rice, but can manage risotto rice)
    • Pastas – spaghetti is broken into small pieces before cooking making it easy to eat. Then add to a saucy sauce full of herbs/easy to eat veg (mushrooms and garlic, yummy), garlic and grate in cheese for extra protein.
    • Stir fry – finely chopped veg, noodles, sauce, but not too spicy or I’ll cough for an hour!
    I don’t eat mashed potato but it’s probably easy to eat with gravy and blitzed meat? xx

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      thanks ellie sounds amazing I haven't had nothing for a while so here goes x


      • There are a lot of great soft foods to eat. They should be available on the MNDA website if they really care.

        Porridge, Weetabix and hot milk, soup, yoghurt, rice pudding...


          keep going graham. im starving lol


            Hi House44

            Very sorry to hear about your problems eating. We're currently experiencing issues with our website today, but we do have lots of information and tips to help with swallowing issues when eating and drinking. We also have a book and a web app that contains lots of recipes and ideas for meals.

            The web page with all the information and tips is -

            The web app which you can also save to your smart phone is at

            Hope that helps,

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              Apart from Ice cream, I enjoy omelette, fish like salmon or tuna (no bones), eggs in various formats work. Smooth soup, yoghurt and really wet rice with a sauce (similar to risotto). I'm not a fan of mash, but then I never was. But a cottage pie (no veg lumps) with plenty of gravy works well.
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