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saliva dripping down wind pipe

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    saliva dripping down wind pipe

    hi everyone having episodes of saliva dripping down my wind pipe. as my neck muscles are weaker I'm having to drop my chin down to breast plate to swallow. after a few minutes some saliva drips from nasal cavity down wind pipe causing a coughing fit. does anyone have a tip on how to stop this as I can't carry on like this. thanks in advance.

    Wayne, you need to dry up that troublesome saliva: it might need an increase in your current dose of medication, trying new meds, Botox or radiotheraphy but, you're right, it can't go on, sounds bloody awful mate...

    I often leak coffee through my nostrils and I know how horrible it is.

    Meds: you have the patch, so maybe you ned another half patch? And/or glycopyrronium, atropine, amitriptyline.

    Ask Clinic or GP.

    Good luck xx
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      thanks ellie as always very helpful. I did try the atropine it sent me very ill indeed. ill look into the others