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Falling !

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    Falling !

    Hi Everyone,

    I know people on here will understand because we have probably all done it. Coming out of our wet room last week using my rollator my legs just gave way and I fell with my legs trapped under me. So frustrating because my husband is usually right behind me but he was to the side and couldn't stop it.

    He managed to carry me to the bed(!!!) and he couldn't bend my leg so he rang 111. Such a brilliant service because they immediately sent an ambulance. Two very lovely paramedics examined me and felt it would be traumatic and painful to move me to a stretcher. They rang my GP who was immediately round with stronger painkillers. I am still in bed a few days later but not in so much pain and am very grateful for such prompt care and that nothing is broken.

    Lesson learnt and I am going to see my OT next week to think of alternatives for transfers.

    Take Care Everyone,
    Love Debbie x

    Oh no Debbie, commiserations to you. It must have been a frightening experience for you both.

    I’m glad you were well looked after and how lucky are you to have such a fabulous GP!!

    Do you think something made your leg(s) go from under you or do you think you need something safer than a rollator?

    Anyway, I do hope you’re out of the bed soon and your leg heals well - did you hurt a muscle, joint or both?

    Big hug to you.

    Love Ellie.
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    Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.



      Thank you Ellie,

      Yes my GP is fantastic.. The paramedics couldn't believe how good the surgery is. There was no reason my legs gave way. I know I need something safer than a rollator, I've just been putting it off and being stubborn. I can transfer sideways using a board so that's the way forward (or sideways ) for now.

      Its probably ligament damage they think but they've arranged for x Ray's on Monday if i am no better. I am lucky to have such good care and my OT is brilliant too.

      Hugs back to you and thanks,
      Love Debbie x


        Hi Debbie,

        Sorry to hear about your fall and subsequent situation. Beware of strong pain killers as they normally make people Constipated and that can be dangerous.

        Do they know what what is causing the pain, muscle, ligerment, etc?

        I do use knee supports sometimes if my knees feel funny.

        Hope you are soon up and about.

        Hugs Terry
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          Hello Debbie

          Sorry to hear about your fall. It must have been a nasty shock and very painful.

          I'm glad you have got a good GP and I hope the painkillers are working well so that you are not in pain.

          It's good that your super-hero husband was home when it happened so that he could come to your rescue straight away!

          I hope you feel much better very soon.

          Love and hugs,
          Kayleigh x


            Hello Debbie,

            Sorry you have suffered a nasty fall. Thank goodness the paramedics realised that moving you to a stretcher would be too traumatic. It's good that your GP surgery are so helpful, as well.

            I hope your leg improves quickly and that you and your OT find a safer transfer option for you.

            Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.


              Hi hope you’re soon feeling better x