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Another book (secondhand)...

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    Another book (secondhand)...

    Heavy going aimed at medical professionals and a bit dated at 2000, but picked this up secondhand for £7 (normally it's silly prices).

    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Edited by Robert H Brown, Vincent Meininger, Michael Swash
    ISBN 1-85317-421-1

    Some critics note that the multiple contributors may overlap or even conflict, but still worth a read as an ALS / MND reference book that potentially shapes the outlook of some medical professionals.

    My own interest was from having a previous complex medical history with other autoimmune and occupational / environmental factors - which are reasonably discussed in a couple of chapters.
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    Hi Arcadian

    I picked up an amazing book (see below) when working as a volunteer for Oxfam bookshops way back in 1999, my sister called last week and somehow went home with it, I am bereft, it is such an interesting and useful read and although it was written in 1985, it is still current.

    I'm thinking of trying acetyl L carnitine as I read online it can help. The following link takes you to ALS Untangled where they review it.


      Due to other existing unrelated serious illness, I don't take anything supplementary outside of prescription / doctor advice.

      I'm analytical by nature as well as from a previous work sphere, but welcome additional collective and collaborative interpretation of additional information. However anything I do read or recommend, I'm mindful of other folks higher professional and personal experiences exceeding my own capabilities and will be cautious in deference to that.

      With MND being a devastating and irreversible illness, I'm also mindful of how folk 'accept' the direction of travel for their own overall wellbeing, combined with how they feel about the interface with medical professionals and the time taken to get a formalised medical opinion. We have to be mindful of what alleviates symptoms, versus a desire for a curative effect.


        The book is twenty years old!
        Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Edited by Robert H Brown, Vincent Meininger, Michael Swash ISBN 1-85317-421-1

        The page extract from it is a good approximation of my last 18 months!
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          There is a 2021 book which seems legit and is available through open access: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis | Exon Publications

          If anyone is looking for particular academic publications let me know; I've got access to various e-journals through work.