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    Patients Know Best

    I am sure everyone already knows this.

    A few months ago I had an email saying that I could view my patient records using "Patients Know Best".

    I thought it was a scam, but looked it up and found it was genuine.

    I use my NHS login to access the information.

    It is meant to show all information but it doesn't. It has though shown my last two discharge summaries for example.

    What it is really good for is showing blood test results and trends.

    So when I was last in hospital about a month ago I had the blood test results on my phone before the doctor came back to see me.

    The trend analysis is quite interesting. It also shows when results are out of range.

    Big hugs to all.
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    I am not sure all regions use this but probably have access to something similar. My surgery use Patients Know Best but I have no access to any test results even though I have requested they be made available to me. All I can see is my hospital appointments.
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      As you say its a bit hit and miss at the moment. Strange that my discharge summaries appear on it, but not the correspondence from the local hospital.

      I have no access to the GP letters on it.

      Positive. Blood test results appear.


        I was going to post something similar, as I've had gaps between hospital letters and my Doctor’s Practice awareness / priorities.

        I recently queried at the practice, why documents / results could not be viewd via the NHS app.
        I have a legacy patient access web page log in for my practice, for prescriptions and some basics.
        Receptionist and office person checked through access configuration and I now have access to scanned documents as far back as late 1990s - seemingly everything from hospital (Crohn's), A&E, private consultations (health insurance), blood tests and the last 2 years build up to MND.

        Worryingly, there are significant areas that have been overlooked by the practice (Head of Practice and myself had a conversation about this earlier in the year, prior to me obtaining records access this week).

        Of note, is the legacy Practice 3rd party web page access has far more detail and document availability (whole scanned documents), compared to the NHS App, which just has then indexed, but not viewable.
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