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  • Ellie
    There is no such thing as "giving up too easily", just do what's right for you

    I go to the loo several times per day Hayls but I have carers, so, for me right now, it's very doable.

    I know ladies with catheters and, if necessary, I'd go down that route no problem. Like you, I think I'd find it hard to let go in a pad and I'd worry about my skin integrity.

    Mind you, catheters increase the risk of infection, whether a urinary one or an indwelling (suprapubic) catheter, but by following guidelines, the risk can be minimised.

    You could talk to your nurse about what's involved and have a think about it - you could even try one.

    Be kind to yourself Hayls!

    Love Ellie.

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  • Hayls
    started a topic When is it time………

    When is it time………

    Ok, I’m biting the bullet, my ability to stand is almost completely gone, I still have control but it’s getting exhausting going to the loo various times a day, I don’t know if pads are suitable but the thought of being sat in my chair letting it all out is going to be very difficult to do mentally, does anyone use a catheter, if so, how troublesome are they, do you think I’m giving up to easily? I don’t know what to do for the best