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    emotional liability

    To All

    I’ve seen a commercial about those dealing with emotional liability from illnesses like strokes, MS, Parkinson, head injuries, and ALS.

    I inquired about it, and they sent me info. There is a medication called NUEDEXTA, maybe many of you are already taking it or familiar with it, but for those not, and interested the site is It might be something that could help.


    If only .... We are unable to access this in the UK even though it was approved by the EU a couple of years ago. Believe me, I have been bending the ears of consultants. MNDA and anyone else who will listen!!!


      Oh I’m sorry to hear that Miranda, I didn’t know it was not available in the UK. It must be so frustrating.

      I wish I had easy access to it, I could just send it over for whoever wanted it…if only it was that simple



        Hi there Miranda,
        My consultant told me that if sertralene doesn't work for me, the GP can get it but not easily, a few channels to go through. (She even put it in a letter to my GP) but as its turned out, the sertralene has really helped my emotional lability, much better than escitrolpram I was takng before.

        Mags xx