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UK government finally concedes cannabis has a medicinal effect DISCUSSION TO START

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    UK government finally concedes cannabis has a medicinal effect DISCUSSION TO START

    its great news but im interesting yours opinion.
    specially any about slowing down progression

    So glad to see someone posting here about cannabis as treatment for MND. I'm always upset and amazed at how few people with the condition, and how few carers, seem aware of cannabis reported beneficial effects both in slowing progression and in alleviating symptoms.
    There's a wealth of evidence of cannabis efficacy in animal trials and in large scale patient satisfaction reports.
    Unfortunately, however, no clinical trials have been conducted on the effect of cannabis and particular cannabinoids or terpenes in the treatment of MND in humans.
    Until cannabis is reclassified from Schedule I under the government’s Controlled Substances Act, research into this rapidly degenerative fatal disease that affects 1 in 400 UK citizens will remain roadblocked.

    As long as the government maintains an official stance that cannabis has zero medicinal value and is a highly addictive, dangerous substance, critical research and human studies into the efficacy of cannabis for this and other diseases cannot occur in the UK.

    So hopefully, in the long term, the government's recognition of the medicinal effects of cannabis constituent CBD is a step in the right direction.
    However, in the short term, it is likely to make it more difficult to legally access CBD as UK companies may have to stop selling it (it will still be available online from non-UK companies).

    I advise everyone on this forum to visit the Campaign for cannabis reform website at for more information.
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