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    Has anyone with Mnd ever been prescribed Sativex . I have tried twice , Through consultants and my Gp but still refused. I keep getting the most stupid replies. Its Not Been Tested on Mnd . Like a lot of people I get cramps but dont want to continue using muscle relaxants or other meds. and dont like smoking....

    Hi Billy,

    There have been a few posts on this before and whilst it appears that sativex is used for MS patients there are no trials for MND. The cynic in me suggests it may be down to the cost of the treatment.

    Best wishes,
    I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


      Hi Billy, billy106

      The NHS have the NICE which are guidelines that they adhere to. Medicinal cannabis can be prescribed to patients, unfortunately motoneuron disease is not on that list. Your GP may not prescribe medical cannabis this can only be prescribed by a doctor on the specialist register, like a neurologist. Because of this I would be most surprised if the NHS gave anyone medical cannabis prescription for motor neuron disease.

      However, there are private doctors that can prescribe medical cannabis for patients with motoneuron disease, it's just a matter of having the financial ability. If you have the means it will cost you hundreds pounds per month depending on what you need. The process goes a bit like this: register with the a clinic that specialises in medical cannabis. Consent to your GP to release your medical summary documentation, have a consultation by videoconference after they have reviewed your summary documentation. If you are deemed to be a suitable and low-risk candidate for medical cannabis following the clinics a multi-disciplinary meeting to discuss your symptoms and suitability, you will be prescribed medical cannabis. The pharmacy gives you a telephone call to take payment and after they have received the physical paper prescription, it will be despatched and delivered to your front door. There are provisos when you do get the cannabis flower, like it cannot be smoked only be vaporsied. Medical cannabis is of pharmaceutical quality and standardised so that every batch is the same in strength and quality, whether you are using the oil or the cannabis flower. If you don't like being stoned, use the oil.

      If the prescribed drugs you are taking for your pain/cramps/spasticity are not working or have undesirable side-effects and you do not have the ability to pay for prescribed cannabis then I believe there is another avenue where you are allowed to grow the cannabis flower yourself. Google 'Carly's Amnesty'

      Best regards,