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    Deanna Protocol for those interested


    I took think information directly from 'Winning the Fight' site, for those interested in the Deanna Protocol, particularly those newly diagnosed, and might be interested in learning more about this protocol, and the possible benefits of it. For those interested you can find out more about the Deanna Protocol directly on the site.



    The Deanna Protocol® Metabolic Plan for ALS
    The Deanna Protocol® Metabolic Plan (also known as the DP™Plan) is a natural, drug-free, and inexpensive metabolic program developed for ALS. Scientific studies have proven that the DP™ Plan significantly slows the progression of ALS and extends life span.

    A diagnosis with ALS is overwhelming, especially after being told there is no cure for ALS. If you’ve researched ALS treatments, you have come across drugs, such as Rilutek/Riluzole, that extend life for a few months at the expense of serious negative side effects. You have likely heard that there is no hope for you. Some may have told you to accept your fate and wait patiently for ALS to take over your body and your life. Well, please know that, “No cure for ALS” does not mean, “give up.” You can fight this disease with the DP™Plan.

    The DP™ Plan is Not a Drug

    The DP™Plan is not an ALS treatment drug like Rilutek/Riluzole. It is a list of substances (AAKG, AKG, GABA, CoQ10, Niacin, and 5HTP) that are already found in the body. However, the amounts found in the body are not nearly enough for those who have ALS, so the DP™Plan provides the body and nerve cells with more of these substances to compensate for what they lack.

    It is determined that the substances in the DP™ Plan provide energy to cells that are dying and in doing so keeps them alive. This is very important because when nerve cells die, they release glutamate which kills the contiguous cells. If too many cells are dying then we cannot supply enough energy to keep up with the rate of death of the cells. When the DP™ Plan is taken in sufficient quantities, it will support the nerves that are challenged by glutamate. Click here to learn more about supporting medical research.

    The DP™ Plan is relatively new

    Regardless of the DP™ Plan success, the fact that it is relatively new (when compared to the widely known ALS treatment drugs) means that it is not well known yet. Also, the fact that the plan consists of supplements, instead of pharmaceutical drugs, means that it has received much less attention from the medical and pharmaceutical community than any new pharmaceutical drug typically would. The medical community is not shouting from the rooftops about the DP™ Plan, but is slowly taking notice and beginning to realize that the DP™ Plan is worthy of attention.
    How is the DP™Plan Effective?

    The DP™ Plan has dramatically slowed and, in some cases, stopped the progression of ALS in roughly 1,500 people worldwide. Scientific studies and anecdotal evidence prove its effectiveness. The DP™ Plan is vastly different than the well-known ALS treatments in that it delivers energy to the dying nerve cells to keep them alive and functioning effectively. This revolutionary approach can slow and stop the disease’s progression in your body, significantly prolong your life, and help you maintain your ability to function physically.

    Supplements, Massage & Exercise

    The goal of the DP™ Plan is to provide energy to the nerve and muscle cells to prevent them from dying. To do this, the DP™ Plan includes a list of several supplements that must be taken in multiple doses. These supplements may be found online by doing an internet search for each supplement or Simplesa makes products in powder or liquid form and combines several of the supplements into one product. Click here to find out more about Simplesa products .
    The DP™ Plan and supplements are just a part of the larger program to slow the progression of ALS. The program also involves caprylic acid massages into the muscles and exercise.

    How to Access The DP™Plan

    If you are interested in taking the DP™ Plan, please register here to join our online community. If you are a PALS or person with other neurodegenerative condition, we ask that you first take the ALSFRS, this short survey will allow you to identify the progression of your disease before you start the program and track your progress while on the DP™ Plan.

    TvM CC for this info

    The protocol seems effective in controlling symptoms
    My queries are:
    1; 18 grams of AAKG, is it safe ? Most literature says 4-6 grams
    2; nitrous oxide is produced with arginine, an oxidative agent, could it cause further damage
    3; in the current regime, there’s no mention of I/v glutathione, why ?
    4: it’s costly by the time reaches uk, any local versions?
    5; longer term use might result in dependence?
    Kindly elaborate, with any other advise you/ other members may have


      Hi vivek,

      If you put Deanna in the search box, top right of the page, you can read a number of posts on the subject and also possibly the doctor's name and contact details.

      Love Terry
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      It will only remain so if new people post and keep us updated on things that work or don't work and tips.

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