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    Thanks so very much for your reply.
    As you care sceptica.
    However I greatly appreciate your reply.
    You have had amazing results.

    Thank you



      Hello Nick

      Thank you for your comments on Rch4. Please can you answer some questions.

      When can we expect to hear about the phase II/III trials that you mention? In what capacity are you helping the charity to take Rch4 forward? Why is it all so clandestine ? If Rch4 really does work why is it not available to more MND sufferers? If it is just a question of the cost then it could be offered for some sort of payment.

      Could you give more information than the website addresses which are already known to most of us.

      If you really think that taking Rch4 has helped you then please share what you know, so we can all benefit.



        CC, Annb

        check the about us page, it will answer some of your questions, A scientist in the charity group discovered the drug and ever since then they have spent millions on animal testing and phase I/II trials, completed successfully. The medical professionals have ignored it so far because RCH4 is not yet approved by the FDA, a phase II/III must be done first. The charity has it because they developed it. The charity is funded from within (group of scientist and doctors) but money has dried up, they have never asked for money and when i offer to pay them to help out with the cost they refused.

        So far there are no plans for a phase II/III until we find an investor to take it forward, The charity, PALS taking RCH4 and myself are trying to help find an investor. only when it is approved by the FDA it will be available to everyone.
        Personally I am only a patient with ALS taking RCH4 and i do not represent the charity and i dont know the answers to all the questions but i know that this drug works for me and many others and i cant imagine my life without it.

        hope i answered your questions



          Hi Nick

          Is there a pharmaceutical company manufacturing Rch4 or is this group of doctors/scientists known as the 'charity' producing it themselves ??

          Where can I find published reports on the clinical findings of the results from phase I/II trails that were completed ?

          I'm interested in becoming an investor will I then have access to this medication ?



            Hi CC

            Yes, it is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. you dont need to be an investor to access the drug, you simply contact the charity and have a discussion, if you qualify they will provide it for free.
            If you are an investor, you will have access to all the information you need including (results, patents, and the drug).



              CC, you're flogging a dead horse... Those who know the information about RCH4 are, for whatever reason, very elusive and secretive and will not divulge any information about it.

              ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Spinal (hand) Onset.
              Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.


                Yes all so mysterious ????

                I would love to believe Nick's claims are true and if they are why isn't this 'charity' composed of doctors/scientists shouting about it from the highest mountain ??? There is little information to be found.

                Lives are lost while people are waiting for FDA approval on life saving drugs, so I don't believe there is anything wrong with unorthodox treatments providing they are safe and 'proven' effective.



                  Nott ALSFRS letter _001.jpg

                  Hi everyone, i wanted to share a letter i received from my neurologist confirming the following:

                  I have ALS/MND
                  I am taking RCH4
                  My ALSFRS score has not changed since July 2017

                  I can tell you its not a scam, it works. Personally, that's all that matters to me.......


                    Why have you posted this? Is it to try and prove you have managed to obtain RCH4? I am pleased that you are stable but this may not be due to the RCH4.

                    The main stumbling block in order to obtain RCH4 is getting a qualified doctor to agree to it being supplied. You appear to have been lucky enough to have done so. Please share how you managed this or explain why are you tormenting those who have not found such a doctor. Most Consultants advise against any untrialled drug.




                      Ann is correct. The onus is on you to be more forthcoming with information.
                      many don't doubt it may work and would be willing to give it a go.
                      So the onus is on you to provide this forum with the following information:
                      1. Where did you source it?
                      2. What is the cost?
                      3. Who administers it?
                      4. How is it administered?

                      otherwise your post of yesterday is not helpful to this forum.



                        Annb, i posted the letter to show everyone that RCH4 works and that i am a real person and still you doubt that it is the reason i am stable. what else do we have to do to prove it other than an official letter from my neurologist, i am not taking anything else other than Riluzole and we all know is useless. I am not trying to torment or showoff to anyone, this is simply to show that the drug is effective and it is what everyone has been asking for (A LETTER FROM A DOCTOR).

                        Your right i have been lucky with my doctor, there is no secret to getting this letter other than being persistence, keep asking for it and dont take a no for an answer. I wish you the best of luck with this

                        Charles, if you bothered to read this thread or previous posts or even googled RCH4 you would have answered all your questions
                        1. Where did you source it? RCH4 website, you contact them and will respond to you
                        2. What is the cost? ITS FREE
                        3. Who administers it? self administered
                        4. How is it administered? IM injection


                          A My GP would authorise, but I don't see enough evidence that it works. The website has a lot of blame disclaimers though. I believe Riluzole has added years to my life. Dude
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                            A My GP would authorise, but I don't see enough evidence that it works. The website has a lot of blame disclaimers though. I believe Riluzole has added years to my life. Dude

                            Nick Why do you take Riluzole if you say it's useless?. We ALL don't know.


                              Dude, evidence show that Riluzole extends life by 8 to 12 week as an average, this depends on each person as this disease varies so much from one person to another. My neurologist suggested i keep taking it so i do, personally i dont think its helping me but i am happy it has added years to your life and hope it continues.
                              As to evidence that RCH4 works, we are evidence, all the PALS that have come out on forums to confirm the effectiveness of RCH4 is evidence, this was good enough for me when i was thinking about contacting the charity for RCH4 and it has paid off, my ALSFRS has stayed at 46 since taking RCH4 from August 2017 to date.


                                Hi nrmnd

                                That's great your doing so well on RCH4, but I don't understand why all the secrecy to this medication ??

                                You come here saying how well you, and others are doing by taking this medication, but give no information how others can have access to it other than saying its through some unknown, mysterious 'charity' ???

                                Are you here seeking money for this 'charity' ?? What's the deal ??