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    I've said this so many times but false hope is no hope. I've accepted my fate.
    Bulbar started Jan 2020. Mute and 100% tube fed but mobile and undefeated. Stay Strong 🤗😘🤗😁xx


      Just like to remind everyone COVID and MND are to totally different types of illness, you cannot compare the 2

      COVID is a virus, caused from the SARS virus, which has been around since early 2000’s, so there has been years of research and development of vaccines, it hasn’t happened overnight. Yes they got it to market quicker, but they knew what they were fighting and effectively tweaked existing vaccines.

      Whereas, MND the route cause is still not known, (I acknowledge there is a genetic link in some) because of way we progress it’s difficult to evaluate.
      Take Riluzole as an example it’s still being evaluated and latest reports suggest it extends our lives by 6-19 months.

      AMX phase 3 trials will take about 2 years then it has to be evaluated, so that’s going to be another year.
      Please remember phase2 of the trial only looked at 137 participants, (25% also dropped out)although results showed positives. 48 were placebo, so are you really willing to take a dug which has only be trialled on less 89 patients.
      Although statistics showed a declined in progression, from such a small number of participants how much of that is down to our natural progression rates.
      large scale trials are needed to see if it actually works
      As long as there’s golf and beer I’m happy


        This is a really interesting read. Thanks for posting Shaun x


          I've emailed my MP; topic,"AMX0035 SP-TUDCA application to MHRA." Please email your MP.'

          "Dear MP
          The US FDA has agreed to review AMX0035. Canada’s equivalent is reviewing in parallel. Please contact MHRA and request that it follow suit.
          This is important to those suffering from Motor Neurone Decease.
          The attached document is a short article from the ALS News Today.
          Kind regards"

          ALS News Today is a US publication.


            ALS News Today is a US web-based publication.