This is a link to a very informative post on the MND Research Blog describing the development of revised guidelines for clinical trials of treatments for MND/ALS.

It’s an attempt to answer the question posed by Prof ****** of Stanford: “The annals of ALS clinical trials is strewn with failed studies. Only two out of more than 70 clinical trials have been positive, and even these showed only very modest benefit. Is this dismal record strictly due to the extraordinary complexity of neurodegenerative disease in general, and ALS in particular? Or is it due to methodological flaws that could be repaired?”

The paper summarising the revised guidelines, published yesterday in the journal Neurology, can be found here:
- Click FULL PDF on the left to get a tidy, readable version

I’m very encouraged and impressed that such a huge amount of intellectual effort has been expended by over 140 clinicians in this area. It addresses the wider philosophical point in science, that it is not always important to get the right answer, but to ask the right question!

One more small step...