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    I watched a programme on BBC last night about a level II drug trial for Parkinsons. It showed how L2 trials are conducted and it charted the patients over several years. The failure of certain aspects of the trial, despite some patients clearly benefiting from the drug, has led to the drug company Pfizer closing their Neurological Research section in Bristol. This was obviously a financial decision.
    What struck me most was the determination of the doctors to find a way to continue helping those with the disease and their wish to find other financial support to continue the L3 trials. They believe in their drug and that it needs further investigation.
    These trials do cost millions but this cost is nothing to the misery the disease causes and the cost of social care. 3M seems a small amount when I constantly hear of enormous amounts banded about for other projects.

    i hope they find the money and restart the trial.
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    Agreed Annb

    watched the two programmes when they transmitted a little while ago. Very impressive cranial surgery to deliver the drug!

    As you say, great dedication on the part of the doctors and the patients too I thought. It was a bit of a shock to learn at the end that the improvement fell well short of the 20% threshold.

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      It was disappointing that the threshold was not met but they realised a shift in criteria could make the drug worth pursuing. They can only find out certain facts when the research is reviewed, as in this case. Such a shame to stop the trial completely.



        Hi Ann and Doug;

        Very fascinating program.

        Love Terry
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          I too saw these programmes and found the result rather sobering. For the trial to be regarded as a failure, when the trial showed clear benefits to some of the participants seemed short sighted. They made fascinating viewing, however, and I got a much better understanding of the nature of Parkinsons disease.


            Good afternoon

            Originally posted by johnburton View Post
            I too saw these programmes and found the result rather sobering.....I got a much better understanding of the nature of Parkinsons disease.
            Seconded, thirded whatever.

            I have a friend with Parkinson's, who is deep in the shakes and struggling to walk.

            I too wish that the drug company in question had not withdrawn in the way that they had - but then I guess that will be what you get by trusting the private sector with something that has public benefit unless they can also make a profit.

            I guess this sort of research is simply cost at risk.

            Best to all

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