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Has anyone heard of Karma Ayurveda as a cure for MND?

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    Has anyone heard of Karma Ayurveda as a cure for MND?

    Hi, I came across Karma Ayurveda claiming this method as a cure for MND. I am sceptical but also curious as to not just brush every alternative therapy aside.
    Has anyone else heard of this?

    Just looked it up and it appears to be amazing stuff - allegedly cures just about everything including kidney failure, MND and drug addiction plus its a fantastic beauty treatment.

    if it was as good as the "seller" claims I think it would have been discovered by conventional medicine. Sorry to sound cynical. It is also advertised on that most legitimate platform Facebook.

    You can also spend a fortune going to India and having stem cell therapy which will also "cure" you.

    I am sure they would happily take an awful lot of your money and the reviews of course back it all up but I would place my trust in medical science which unfortunately at this time states that there is no cure.

    Carer for husband diagnosed with ALS April 2021. Hand onset. PEG fed, completely immobile, communicates with eye gaze.

    Respiratory and blood gases still within normal range.

    No speech but sense of humour still fully intact.


      I think the following statement on Trust Pilot say it all Warning—we’ve detected misuse on this page

      We’ve detected a number of fake reviews for this company and we’ve removed them.

      If additional suspicious reviews are discovered on this profile, we’ll remove those too. If you believe a review is fake, you can report it using the flagging tool.

      We take the integrity of our platform very seriously, and when we uncover misuse, we take action and alert our community to it.


        So there you go . Snake Oil salesmen cashing in on a cruel illness that none of us wanted.


          There is no cure. If there was, this forum wouldn’t exist as it is, and we wouldn’t have lost friends
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          Diagnosed October 2020 - See my blog at


            Thank you, that was what I thought.