People may require a communication device, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to support their communication when their speech is impaired, for example due to a brain injury or a neurological disorder. These people may need to support or completely replace their spoken language with the use of AAC. While the AAC devices and the evidence base for AAC use are improving, very little is known about how people who require two or more languages in their daily life are managing with their AAC devices. This online study explores the views and experiences of multilingual people with MND who require use of communication devices with the aim of understanding communication needs, desires and practicalities.

The study is the first to explore the topic in the UK. The gathered information about barriers and facilitating factors of multilingual AAC use will help Speech and Language Therapist to improve treatment of multilingual clients and their families, and therefore improve the services.

What does taking part involve?

The study consists of online interviews. Each participant can choose whether they would like the interview to be carried out through a video call, an online chat or email. The interviews will be recorded for data analysis purposes.

Before the interview, the participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire which will help guide the interview. The questions will revolve around the person’s language background, their condition and the AAC.

The participants are also asked to request up to three of their communication partners from different aspects of their life to join the study to explore their communication challenges in different environments. These people may be, for example, family members, friends, employer or healthcare staff.

Who can take part?
  • People with MND who use two or more languages in their daily life and use a communication device.
  • Up to 3 communication partners identified by the person with MND, e.g. family members, friends, employer or healthcare staff.
People from all language and cultural backgrounds are welcome but the interview language will be English. Participants must also be over 18 years old and be a resident of the UK.

How can I take part?

If you wish to participate or find out more about the study, please contact the researcher Wilhelmiina Tiainen on [email protected]. For more information, visit our website:

Study end date: September 2021