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Does executive functioning predict psychological flexibility?

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    Does executive functioning predict psychological flexibility?

    Online survey to understand the relationship between psychological flexibility and executive functioning (thinking skills involved in everyday planning) which is hoped to be used to improve future therapeutic interventions.

    This research aims to understand the relationship between executive functioning and psychological flexibility. Executive functions are everyday skills involved in planning, organising and carrying out tasks. Psychological flexibility refers to a set of six processes that help us to be open to our thoughts and feelings and take action in line with our values. These both relate to mental health and wellbeing in everyday life and therapy interventions. Executive functioning, psychological flexibility and psychological wellbeing will be compared for individuals with acquired neurological conditions, those with long-term health conditions and individuals without either condition.

    What does taking part involve?

    Potential participants will enter a survey which will provide them with information about the study. If they decide to take part, they will click a box to say they consent. Participants will complete 4 questionnaires online with questions around how they are feeling and their emotions. The study will take around 15 minutes to complete. The final questionnaire will be emailed to participants to complete due to copyright.

    Who can take part?

    Inclusion criteria:
    • Individuals with long-term health conditions
    • Individuals with acquired neurological conditions
    • Individuals without long-term health conditions or acquired neurological conditions
    Exclusion criteria:
    • Under 18 years of age
    How can I take part?

    To take part, please click here: Take part in this study.

    For any queries and more information, please email the study researcher, Ms Nicola Wilson, at [email protected]

    Our working hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am until 5pm

    Just to say... Don't be put off by the grand sounding title of the research topic 😏

    It's the same set of questions I'm regularly asked in my clinic, so I can only presume many of you have too. xx
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