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Neuro Digital: Outpatient Perspectives

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    Neuro Digital: Outpatient Perspectives

    Investigating how support remote and digital care can best support outpatient care

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote and digital healthcare has been increasingly used to support the care of people living with neurological conditions, such as MND. As we embrace these new ways of delivering care, an understanding of the value of face-to-face appointments must not be lost. Equally, it is vital to understand the benefits of remote and digital healthcare. The study will involve finding out what participants value in their outpatient appointments and discuss the possibilities of using remote and digital healthcare. The findings will help to find ways of combining face-to-face appointments with remote or digital technologies. This is hoped to improve patient care for people with MND and maximise the effectiveness of outpatient appointments.

    What does taking part involve?

    Participants can take part in either an interview, or a focus group, or an online discussion board. The interview will take around 30 minutes, the focus group will take around 45 minutes, and the amount of time spent on the online discussion board is optional. All participants will only take part in one of these at once. Interviews and focus groups can be carried out over the phone or online (via Zoom or Teams).
    In the interview, focus group or online discussion board, participants will be asked what they value in outpatient appointments. For example, what makes a good outpatient appointment or what makes a bad outpatient appointment. Participants will also be asked about remote and digital healthcare and whether they feel this could be used to support face-to-face outpatient appointments.

    Who can take part?
    • People Living with MND or a carer of someone living with MND
    • Residents in England
    • Aged 18+
    • Attended at least one neurology outpatient appointment

    How can I take part?
    Anyone who is interested in taking part or who would like more information can contact the projects senior research fellow, Dr Sarah Fearn, on [email protected] or by calling 07876818404.

    This project is funded by the Health Foundation

    Expiry: July 2022