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A study into perceptions & experiences of multilingual people with MND...

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    A study into perceptions & experiences of multilingual people with MND...

    Understanding how well augmentative and alternative communication works with the multilingual population

    People with speech impairment, such as those with MND, may require alternative ways and tools to replace or support their spoken communication. These tools and systems are called Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). While the AAC devices and the evidence base for AAC use are improving, very little is known about how AAC functions with multilingual population - people who require two or more languages in their daily life. This online study explores the views and experiences of multilingual people who require use of AAC, and aims to understand their communication needs, desires and practicalities.

    This study is the first to explore the topic of multilingual AAC in the UK. The gathered information about barriers and facilitating factors of multilingual AAC use will help Speech and Language Therapist and other AAC professionals to improve treatment of multilingual clients and their families, and therefore improve the services.

    What does taking part involve?

    The study consists of online interviews. Each participant can choose whether they would like their interview to be carried out through a video call, an online chat or email. The interviews will be recorded for data analysis purposes.

    Before the interview, the participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire which will help guide the interview. The questions will revolve around participants’ personal background, and their views, experiences and wishes revolving around multilingualism and AAC.

    Who can take part?
    • People living with MND
    • Communication partners of someone living with MND (e.g. family & friends)
    • AAC professional with experience in working with multilingual people with MND
    How can I take part?
    If you wish to participate or find out more about the study, please contact the researcher Wilhelmiina Tiainen on [email protected]. You can also find out more information on our website here.
    Our working hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am until 5pm