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MND in the time of a Coronavirus Pandemic

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    MND in the time of a Coronavirus Pandemic

    Hi everyone.

    Just the other day I was thinking that I have started to see new members come onto various forums about MND and it made me ponder...

    I have had MND for over 7 years now, and sadly see a lot of people come and ago.

    Some of you know that I write a blog:

    I started this some 5 years ago for many reasons. Primarily to highlight the fact that MND is not as rare as perceived. But also to have a bit of fun. Those long term readers will know I mostly write guff about life and I promise it is not at all depressing.

    But also I write posts on research and ongoing drug trials and treatment prospects.

    I realised that a lot of new people have joined this forum and may not know about my blog and they might find my writings on Research interesting but above all helpful. Why?

    Well I have seen the same subjects come up again and again with new members of our unfortunate club. Questions about treatments being discussed, questions about why research is slow, why drugs that appear effective in social media chats are not progressing or available etc....

    If you are interested take a read of my research page.

    Has much change in the last 7 years? No sadly, not much with regards to treatments with still only 1 worldwide solidly proven drug (Riluzole). However, a lot has happened and we are now closer to treatments. But what do we need to be careful of when reading about our disease?

    During the coronavirus pandemic, there is so much complete rubbish spoken about the virus and prospective issues/research that it makes our disease misinformation seem minor. However, we do suffer from the same false hope/mis-representation/anger with authorities etc.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Even if you don’t like my research stuff, enjoy my bI-weekly blog of guff!

    Best wishes all

    Otherwise known as onein300!