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    Advice please

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you’re all well.

    I am a 31 year old male.

    Apologies for the long message, I just need somewhere to vent and hopefully some reassurance. I have messaged MND connect but I’m aware they don’t work weekends.

    I have spoken before, but feel my symptoms have changed/progressed.

    It all started around 6-8 weeks ago. After a home workout I noticed that I was getting pins and needles in my right arm. This stopped, and progressed to aching especially in the shoulder and arm. Sensory symptoms, phew!

    I spoke to my GP who diagnosed 'probable' muscle/tendon/nerve injury due to either home work out with weights or some repetitive strain.

    I told my GP that my arm felt weak and I was worried about MND, she did some basic strength test and confirmed she was happy it was ok.

    My arm discomfort/ache has become more intensified and more often since then.

    I decided to visit a Chiropractor to see if they could help.

    At my initial consultation he noted that my right arm was weaker than my left after doing comparison tests. I am right handed so this is my dominant arm. He diagnosed a pinched nerve in my neck and advised a treatment plan.

    I can still do everything I always have on a day to day basis, my arm just either feels weak, strange or aches. Is this classed as clinical weakness? And also consistent with MND based on my right arm being weaker than the left?

    My arm does feel weak and aches more, and is more noticeable since he pointed this out. I can't tell whether my right arm being weaker than my left means anything substantial?

    I have also noticed that sometimes my lip and tip of my tongue feels slightly numb. Not numb enough to stop feeling, but strange. This isn't constant and comes and goes.

    On a night when I am in bed trying to sleep, I feel like my legs are vibrating inside. It is not visible, but a feeling. I also get weak legs feeling when walking or standing. I have learnt through google that these can be signs of anxiety, but also something more sinister.

    After googling I am convinced that I now have MND or MS. I am terrified.

    I haven't slept for weeks. I have no appetite and I feel constantly sick with worry. I cant concentrate on any aspect of my life, except to research/google and worry.

    My partner and Mum have asked me to visit my doctor to seek help for healthy anxiety, which I am fully prepared to do. They are both worried about me and can see the effect this is having on my daily life and mental health.

    I hope I have health anxiety, but at the moment I can't believe it's that until I know for sure it's not MND or MS.

    I think part of it is that I have read how difficult these illnesses are to diagnose, especially early on. This adds to the anxiety, also as I feel I just have to live like this and wait to see if anything progresses.

    I have never felt this low before and I'm unsure how to move on.

    Any help or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


    I had bulbar onset MND and I never experienced pins and needles, about 20 years ago I had a trapped nerve in my neck and that caused me pain and weakness in my arm, anxiety can create very real symptoms of our worst fears, people underestimate how powerful it can be on someone’s body it’s debilitating, follow the advice and try and illuminate likely causes, try and stay strong and we are here no matter what xx


      Ah self diagnosis, as dangerous today as it ever was.
      Bulbar started Jan 2020. Mute and 100% tube fed but mobile and undefeated. Stay Strong 🤗😘🤗😁xx


        Replying to Worried89, personally I think you shouldn’t be on this forum unless you are officially diagnosed. Reading up on a disease unless your sure you have it can torment your mind and emotions.


          Hi Worried89. I was posting about worries 10 months ago after huge fatigue issues, fasiculations, perceived weakness but not clinical when push came to shove, horrendous tiredness and a few other things that were probably worse in my mind that reality.

          I was never off google, at the doctor and like you, every waking hour was consumed by fear that I had MS or MND. I got a neurology appointment as I was able to show my GP the calf fasiculations that I was especially worried about and when I explained the other stuff, she thought I should get checked out.

          Such was my stress and angst, I was waking through the night, jolting awake, quite violently at times. My GP thought it was a virus but given the level of my angst, in retrospect, I think it was the stress and self diagnosis which was causing my stress and causing all the other 'symptoms'.

          I got an MRI scan which discounted MS and then I got a neurologist examination a few months later. Between the MRI scan and the examination, somewhere in between after around 8-10 weeks, I started to fell better. The malaise lifted, the fasiculations lessened (although still happen sometimes in my calfs), the perceived weakness also disappeared and I think I probably did have a virus as I was knackered like never before.

          To give you an idea of the extent of my obsession about it, I was crying on the phone to the MND association, to my wife, breaking down at work and at one point tried to arrange a private neurologist at a considerable cost as I couldn't wait the few months to see a neurologist on the NHS. In the end I managed to not do that but I am explaining it as it probably has parallels to the obsession you have about it just now.

          you seem to have virtually a carbon copy of my worries and I wanted to reassure you I am fine. I sometimes look at the forum occasionally like I have today as I was really helped by a few people.

          I hope this goes someway to reassuring you.