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Gelato & Question about cannabis cbd oil

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    Gelato & Question about cannabis cbd oil

    I am here for my mom who has been diagnosed.

    I haven't found a good active forum like yours in my native language. That's why I'm here. Sorry for my poor english level.
    I am here to get all kinds of information to better understand the disease but especially to know if people have already used cannabis CBD oil, and if you have had interesting results?

    I don't want to ask my mother's doctor about it, because CBD is so badly seen by the majority of people in our country (even if the product is legal in Europe).

    I've already talked to my mom about CBD oil, and she's not against the idea. If I prove to her that it can be beneficial to her and that it is not problematic with the other medications she is taking.

    Maybe I need to create a specific topic in relation to cbd oil and mnd ? If not you can answer me here. (I'm not used to the forums and habits on it, sorry)

    Thank you to the people who took the time to read me.


    Hi Gelato and your English is great so no worries. I use cannabis for my symptoms as I have Bulbar onset MND. I also use the oil particularly for specific pain so I very much recommend it for your mum. Be Strong.


      Hi Matthew,
      Thank you very much for your feedback. It makes me very happy to see that it can work.
      I think I'm going to go to a store, I have one near my house, to get advice on what type of cbd to choose (I saw that there are three types, isolate cbd, broad spectrum cbd and full spectrum cbd weedy).
      If I understood correctly, not all of them have the same effects.
      Anyway, it is very nice of you to answer me.
      I wish you a very good day !

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        Good to meet you too and you are welcome. 😀