I say "possible diagnosis" but the Kings neuro lot are sure enough to get my GP to put me on Riluzole.

I've been through the what I believe is the usual diagnosis hell as it only is my dominant hand and arm involved just now. It took over six months to dispense with carpel tunnel issues from that starting point with my GP and from when I lost the "pinch" movement in my thumb and forefinger.

I've been hunting for a diagnosis for about 2 years to date now.

Apparently I have some cognition loss but no one around me seems to think I've lost my marbles :-)

Seems this "syndrome" has lots of body starting points and a wide range of genetic starting points - some Mendelian heritable (not me here) , some weirdly partly expressed - bit like cat coat colour really

Anyone else started with this type of diability / malfunction?

And anyone on Riluzole and wants to share?

Best to all