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Hello and advice on chairs

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  • Bowler
    Hi Arabella

    A couple of thoughts from me.

    If space is tight ask the OT about a wall hugger chair. This type of chair needs less space to recline in although I don’t think they come with dual motors.

    Make sure your brother is properly measured so the correct seat width and depth along with the back height and arm length is supplied. Also talk to the OT about the various types of back, head and sides supports so he gets the ones that will provide the best support for him.

    I’m sure the OT will be aware of all these things but sometimes it helps to have a checklist.

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  • Arabella
    started a topic Hello and advice on chairs

    Hello and advice on chairs

    Hello, my brother was diagnosed with MND last February. He's 48 and it started in his right leg. I've been on the forum a few times and picked up some really helpful advice over the past 12 months while getting my head around the diagnosis, so thank you to you all for all the posts. This is my first and was hoping to get some thoughts on chairs? He's able to get about a bit on two sticks, and some days are better than others. He has stair lift and has made other adaptations and is being amazingly strong, supported by his wife and his teenage children. He is seeing his OT this week to talk about getting a special chair and I wondered whether anyone had any advice on what to get? He's mentioned about it needing a dual motor and to have a removable seat cushion to enable pressure release. I get the impression that the OT suggested he did some research online but he's reluctant so I thought I'd ask here in case anyone had any insight. Thank you very much for your help.