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    hi lesley
    i look after my husband who was diagnosed 2 years ago. its still a shock. im not sure how we deal with it really its a case of doing our best everyday but some days the whole thing hits, usually through tiredness, and its all very daunting. our problem is we are in portugal and very keen to return home. not like we dont have enough to deal with

    im glad you found this forum and all the wonderful people on here. you will never be alone.

    love and hugs
    denise xxxxxxx
    when i can think of something profound i will update this.


      Originally posted by Mary C View Post
      Hi Sue,I found the PIP helpline we’re brilliant.Once I said I have MND and my GP issued as DS1500 I quickly got the highest rate.If Like you I would have had to wait 16 weeks I would have missed the opportunity to get a car on motabilty scheme because I reached 66 and received state pension.This would have put me outside the criteria for the motabilty scheme.
      You may not be in my age bracket but thought I would mention it and encourage to to try PIP helpline
      Best wishes
      Thank you Mary, but as I have PMA type of MND I don’t fit the criteria for a DS1500, I’ll just have to wait


        Hi Lesley,

        From another Lesley. I have followed pretty much the same path as you. Only my problems started with my foot. Nearly two years on and my other foot is the same . The loss of indepedence is over whelming. I always could just jump in the car and take the dogs out, nip to meet friends. We own a pub , so for the best part of a year we have been shut. So my husband has been here to see my decline and is shocked at how much I did in the house plus shopping etc.

        I got a wheelchair the other week and he can take me out for a walk most days.This has made a big difference to me, I have spent months looking at rooftops of the house facing us.

        All the best and I like you just put on a brave face evryday.