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I’d thought I’d post about my blog again...

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    I’d thought I’d post about my blog again...

    Morning all.

    I thought it about time to post (advertise, haha!) my blog on living with MND. I have been lucky enough to have been writing for 3 years now, and if you fancy a binge read just have a look! You might enjoy. We need some funny times don’t we?

    It is not your normal terminal disease blog I totally assure you. It’s fun. I also write serious items about research and the disease, but mostly it’s a weekly or Bi-weekly quirky look at life through my eyes and my alter egos!

    The blog is called

    An intro post is here

    It has now been over 8 years since I started this blog. I am now a serious MND/ALS blogger, and still riding the rollercoaster of life! I have Motor Neurone Disease (MND/ALS), and I started this bl…

    And all posts are here

    My research posts are here

    And my dummies guide to voice banking is here

    Best wishes

    Thanks for your valuable input Lee;

    And you are free to advertise blog. LOL

    Great info on things also and I have added direct links for people just in case:-

    And all posts are here

    My research posts are here

    And my dummies guide to voice banking is here

    Love Terry
    TB once said that "The forum is still the best source for friendship and information."

    It will only remain so if new people post and keep us updated on things that work or don't work and tips.

    Please post on old threads that are of use so that others see them and feel free to start new subjects and threads.


      Thank you I found them an interesting read.



        Hi readers! It’s been a few weeks once my last post. Here is my latest. Usual fare. #mnd #als
        Hi, readers. It’s been half term week or two around the UK. So despite all the world’s ills, there’s been a break from apparent impending global catastrophes! Phew! It’s a relief to know that…


          Hi readers. My latest Research opinion post on my living with #als #mnd blog. Later this week the worldwide MND Symposium takes place in Glasgow. I include a section on the conference.
          This is my latest post on MND Research. I hope you find it interesting.


            Hi readers, my latest Living with MND blog post

            Hi all, it’s yuck weather here in the UK, and along with our constitutional crisis, it’s nice to know you can rely on my living with #mnd #als blog to get you through the day.


              Thanks Lee.

              As always a cheerful and entertaining blog! The name of the Queen track shown on the iPad made me smile - takes me back to watching Top of the Pops, back in the day when it used to be on every Thursday evening. The picture on the iPad is a bit 'cheeky' though!

              At least the CD you were provided with was by the wonderful 'Queen' - it could have been much worse, such as a CD by the 'Backstreet Boys' or even the famous 'Cheryl' mentioned in your blog ...... or maybe Cheryl is your secret 'crush'?!

              Looking forward to reading your next blog.

              Merry Christmas to you and Jean.

              Kayleigh x
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                Morning all! It’s my onein400 living with #mnd #als Christmas post! It has been roasting for 5 days and it’s now ready. This year, it’s a day in the life of Lord Bragg many years ago! It’s called a Vintage London Fairy Tale. What does the word vintage really mean??! It’s my usual gumph plus a serious message. Enjoy, and don’t eat too many sprouts!
                The year is 1981. It is 5.40pm and Lord Lee Bragg, in his Soho Office, is just tidying up his papers after a long trying, yet invigorating, Christmas Eve working day. He is about to set off for Wat…


                  Many thanks for the chuckles Lee. I shan't be able to look at the forthcoming Christmas pudding in quite the same way now. Where to put the holly.....?

                  Totally agree about technology, Trump's tweets not withstanding.

                  Merry Christmas!

                  Diagnosed April 2017


                    Many thanks for another very entertaining and informative blog Lee.

                    The early 1980's does not seem that long ago but your blog certainly hits home how dramatically technology has advanced since then. In those days, it must have been much more isolating and lonely for people affected by MND, as there would not have been the worldwide and instant communication with other people that the internet and this forum gives us today.

                    Since becoming unwell I have found internet shopping invaluable, especially for grocery shopping (and, of course, also now very handy for essentials such as a rollator and a wheelchair ramp or two!). I remember the horrendous queues in supermarkets, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays, before there was the option of online deliveries.

                    On a lighter note, I have a theory that Sir L Bragg could be related to a certain famous comedian of roughly that era Lord Bragg's comedic capers and the antics of 'Busty Belinda' reminded me of sketches from that comedy classic of yesteryear .... 'The Benny Hill Show' LOL (Not a show that would be aired now of course, because not considered 'PC' enough for today's audiences, but very much a popular show of it's time!).

                    Best wishes,

                    P.S. Doug - Never mind about where to put the holly on Busty Belinda's Christmas puds! - If I was her, i'd be more concerned about the traditional pouring on and lighting of the brandy! LOL
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                      Evening all! My first living with #mnd #als post of 2019. I thought I’d save it until tonight as in the U.K. you only have Les Miserables to watch on TV tonight and it’s pretty depressing. So I offer you an alternative read.
                      Welcome to 2019 readers! My post is a little bit late. Thirteen days late to be precise. I decided to let all of you get back into the real swing of things before penning my first strange, but ofte…


                        Hello Lee,

                        Thanks for another entertaining and enlightening read.

                        I take it that your neighbours are confirmed 'country bumpkins' - hay bales for children to sit on? - some city types, like me, would be 'stressing' about the little darlings and their potential allergy flare-ups! (and as it says in the TV ad - Where there's blame, there's a claim!)

                        On a more serious note, Happy 40th Birthday MNDA! It must have been even more difficult for people affected by MND to come to terms with things and not so easy to get advice/support/information, before the MNDA existed.

                        I had not realised, before reading your blog, that the MNDA contributes significantly more into funding for MND research than the Government does. Hopefully, the Government will decide to substantially up its contribution into MND research, very soon - possibly out of the mountain of money it will save by not paying full EU club fees, after Brexit.

                        Very best of luck with lobbying the Government and campaigning this year. Hopefully the 'scrap the 6 month rule' campaign will be a winner very soon!

                        Best wishes to you and Jean,
                        Kayleigh x

                        P.S Looks like not only are you are brilliant blogger, but you are also a great gardener and a creative cook as well - is there no end to your talents? But don't forget to wash your hands VERY well after chopping all those chillies!

                        P.P.S Is it just me, or has anyone else mentioned that you look rather like a certain actor called Neil from Midsomer Murders? (Obviously, I have not met you in 'real life' and so can only go by the flattering photos of you in your blog! - and, of course, you must be much younger than he is!!!?

                        http:// bm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwid2O6o2evfAhVtSBUIHZPqCDMQ _AUoAnoECAwQAg&biw=1024&bih=672&dpr=2#imgrc=m2flm9 3R5jVEGM
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                          Hi all. It’s my #mnd #als post! Finally after a few weeks of absence. My usual fare. I hope to get back to a Friday lunchtime post.
                          Or are they? This week’s theme, to weave into my everyday life, is one of those loose phrases that is often both true and false. Of course, it’s also a classic Bob Dylan song. More from the legenda…

                          My next post is a serious one, ie a Research status opinion post. Late next week.


                            Hi readers. I am long overdue for a living with #mnd #als post. Apologies. Here is a new one. This week, clubs...
                            Clubs, clubs, clubs…… Arhhhh. The exclusiveness, utter privilege and above all the benefits and perks! Just show your platinum membership card, greet your host with the special handshak…


                              Morning readers. It’s my first opinion post of 2019 on #mnd #als research. This is my review, kind of, of the recent MND Symposium. I take a different approach which hope you both enjoy and fascinating.
                              Welcome, to my first research opinion post of 2019 on the hunt for an effective treatment for MND. “About time!” I hear you cry. Calm down, readers. I have been deep in thought and wanted to give y…