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Possible diagnosis in the new year!!!

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    Originally posted by Kayleigh View Post
    I love your positive 'iron will' attitude. It is good to hear that you look on the bright side of life despite the challenges that your face it sounds like you confront every problem with a solution - I like that strategy! (athough, I sure do agree with you that those high curbs you mentioned in another thread can definitely be little devils to tackle!).
    thank you. I think its right you say it as it is in life, (not just illnesses) ok I have MND but as of right now I am feeling good. yes i'm now in a powerchair full time but it's cracking chair, it tilts and I fall asleep whenever I want lol. I know whats coming course I do but I aim to beat Stephen Hawkins record. I am 64 and still work 6 days a week, some people with MND get nowhere near that age.

    its just those bloody curbs


      Hi Iron Will,

      Statistically, I am unlikely to reach your age, but maths is not my thing, and statistics - no interest in them either!

      I would rather focus my mind on getting on with life, with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

      Amazing that you are still working 6 days a week - good for you!

      I agree with you that a powerchair is a wonderful and liberating thing. We can even use them on buses these days. I can whizz up and down the bus ramp, no problem in my powerchair.

      But getting to the bus stop is another story - not so easy, due to those pesky kerbs!

      A message for local authorities:-
      'Crop those kerbs. More drop-downs please!'

      Best wishes,
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        Hi everyone,

        I had my Neuro appointment this morning and was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) as you can imagine this has come as a great relief.

        I would just like to say thank you to you all for taking the time to answer my questions and give opinions whilst struggling day to day with this terrible disease you truly are wonderful people!!!

        I let this consume me for the last 4 months - I let my anxiety send me to some very dark places spiralling out of control (Never knew anxiety was such a powerful thing????) - but with help I am determined to move on.

        You will always be in my thoughts, good night and god bless!!!



          great news Daniel. Take care