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Struggling mentally after diagnosis

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  • matthew55
    Hello Patw. When I was diagnosed last May I was devastated until I realised two things: Being here you are never alone and the only way to cope with the future is by taking it one day at a time. Sounds too simple? Well it actually is. Stay Strong 👍x

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  • Bowler
    Hello Pat. I too am very sorry about your issues. I think you have taken an important step by agreeing to see a councillor tomorrow. Please be open and honest with him.

    If the antidepressants are not helping speak to your GP about different strengths.

    Lynne makes a really good point about talking with the connect team. They will be able to point you in the right directions.

    Hope you get some comfort over the coming weeks.

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  • denise
    Hi patw

    my husband was diagnosed 2 years ago. It was a terrible shock. There's no simple answer but accepting the diagnosis and making the most of life and taking each day one fay at a time. Wasting the time being miserable will not help you or those close to you. I know it's a dreadful shock but your family needs you.

    there's lovely people on here who are on the same journey and I know they will welcome you and help in anyway they can.

    love and hugs to you and your family
    Denise xxx

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  • Lynne K
    Ah sorry about your diagnosis and your stress/depression Pat. I certainly hope that your counselling helps. If you still have a voice then start voice banking. There’s been lots of discussions about this on here so please search.

    Have you got all of the services that help (Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist, OT, Dietitian and Wheelchair Services)?

    How’s your home for any future adaptions? That’s a big subject then you might want to come to later when you feel stronger.

    if you haven’t explained to your younger children and grandchild about your MND the MNDA publish smashing short story books for purpose. You could give the Connect line a ring. The team are fab.

    Take care, Lynne x

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  • Patw
    started a topic Struggling mentally after diagnosis

    Struggling mentally after diagnosis

    Hi everyone I was diagnosed March 10 this year after first started slurring words March 2020
    i have a partner 4 children and a granddaughter
    physically not much has changed since March but mentally I am in pieces got see counsellor tomorrow so maybe he can help !

    im 40 my partner of 21 years is 37 my kids are 23 , 10 , 8 , 3
    I should be loving the time I have left with them but I’m in such a emotional mess I’m just not able too .

    any advice or help from u lovely lot
    i been on anti depressants for five weeks now just not getting easier