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Mnd symptoms for 10 months

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    Hi Craig,
    just close it down now as this is not a place for you.We can’t help you on here.Please seek some counselling or other support.

    Many people on here as Ellie pointed out to you can barely breathe without invasive / non invasive support and a whole list of horrendous physical problems.
    Its clearly making some forum members annoyed that you are persisting to use the forum without an MND diagnosis.

    Please let this be the end of contact from you on here Craig.I wish you well for seeking more appropriate help.
    Dont waste another 14 months of your life Craig.You are having ongoing support from the QE hospital birmingham and there isn’t anything on here to top that.

    Try and enjoy every day you are given and accept that this just isn’t the place for you.



      Originally posted by Ellie View Post
      Perhaps we should all stop posting further on this thread - it's going around in circles.
      Totally agree x
      Diagnosed June 2022. Confirmed MND which is currently PLS. Limb onset.


      • Good afternoon , if like to know Hank everyone on this forum for there very kind advice over the last 14 months , I wish you all a fantastic 2022 and I will keep my fingers crossed for a cure this year.

        God bless



        • Thank, sorry for spelling mistake


            Originally posted by Cae1977 View Post
            I wish you all a fantastic 2022
            Oh. My. Days... Are you for real????????

            Wwe have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, we are dying, many of us are on borrowed time and you wish us a "fantastic 2022" - that says it all. I do not know how you could be so utterly heartless.

            Do not reply.

            ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Spinal (hand) Onset.
            Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.


              Notwithstanding that Craig is frustrating and irritating so many of us I am sure we do wish him well in finding peace.

              Sorry to use Caps but LETS MAKE THIS THE VERY LAST POST FROM US.


                I'm going to close this thread as I think it has run it's course. It has been confirmed that Craig does not have MND and he is aware of where to seek appropriate support.
                MND Connect
                Contact us on 0808 802 6262 or at [email protected]