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    JFarrell96 Hi Jordan, think about it. How would any of us know if your neurologist might be proved right or wrong after nearly two years? Most of us are just ordinary people who have been unlucky enough to end up with MND. The only experience we have is our own. We’re not professors, consultants and doctors.

    The likelihood is he or she does know what they’re talking about, but I don’t know.

    Talk to your counsellor about your fears; I don’t think any of us can help you. Take care and please enjoy Christmas with your family.
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      Thank you for your response Peter I appreciate your reply, I understand what your saying just very worried I have spoken to my GP I had my first councillor session and they took information from me and they said the next session is in 12 months time, I’m just scared😢


        I don’t know how these things work, but I’d suggest that your next session needs to be a lot sooner than 12 months time! That’s not satisfactory and I think your GP would probably agree. See what you can do to change that.
        Diagnosed October 2020 - See my blog at


          Hi Jordon

          We spoke yesterday on the telephone about your concerns and have done previously many times. Your neurologist has confirmed that you do not have motor neurone disease (MND). They are so convinced of this that they have declined to see you again.

          As we discussed yesterday, you need to try to take this information in. There is no reason for you to be concerned abut MND. You don't have symptoms of MND. You are concerned that you have bulbar onset but you have no symptoms of this and your speech is normal. Your friend also confirmed for you that your speech is normal.

          As I said yesterday, you need to stop focusing on MND and analysing your speech. Please don't let a disease that you don't have, destroy your life like this.

          In our conversation, I suggested that you speak to your GP about changing your medication for your health anxiety. Did you discuss this with your GP?

          Best Wishes

          MND Connect Adviser
          MND Connect
          Contact us on 0808 802 6262 or at [email protected]


            Rachel, thank you for the reply I have a GP appointment tomorrow to get to the bottom of everything she is going to go through every note the neurologist left off the last visit and go from there, I know I have spoken to yourself on numerous occasions and people have told me I don’t have MND. I am sorry I really do apologise