Hello. It feels strange to write this here because I still feel very confused about everything, but I've read a few posts and I'm hoping spending time with you all will help me process things.

Brief history:

I'm a 46 year old lady and was diagnosed initially in 2017 with migraine after having issues with cramp in my left foot (yes, you read it right). I gave up, assumed it was linked to my hip replacement 15 years ago and ignored it.

Fast forward to a year ago and things had been spreading while I'd ignored them. My speech was slurring (so work signed me off sick), my foot and leg had wasted and my left hand was getting weaker. I saw a Physiotherapist who referred me to a neurologist who diagnosed Functional Neurological Disorder before even examining me.

It has taken me a year of trying to understand that diagnosis and work with it (while continuing to get worse) but I couldn't. So I paid several hundreds of pounds to see the leading expert in FND, who 100% ruled it out and referred me to an MND consultant at Oxford.

He saw me urgently and is now sending me for tests, but he believes it is MND (ALS variant) and is not considering other diagnoses, he just wants to be sure. I am finding I switch between thinking it is another misdiagnosis and I'm a fraud, to absolute terror. I think I just want to know now so I can process it and stop questioning myself.

i've lost 20% of my body weight in the last year and I'm really struggling to eat enough and look after myself, so help can't come soon enough.

Been a roller coaster 2 weeks... I'm supposed to be planing Christmas...

Apart from all that I have a wicked sense of humour and a very bubbly nature, so I'm here to share some smiles too xx