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    Hairbsb - they have made their recommendations and will take them back to the council. So who knows what will happen. I don't feel in control of any of this. It's like I'm desperately clinging to the back of a bobsled going downhill fast...
    Diagnosis confirmed Jan 2022 (age 46) after several years ignored/ misdiagnosed.

    Symptoms began in left foot 2017. Now mainly left side, speech and some loss on right side too.

    Unable to walk unaided (powerchair user), poor speech, left hand behaves like a drunk toddler but generally positive and determined.


      TinyLady not being in control or knowing what's going on is stressful to say the very least. Moving slowly is stressful moving quickly is stressful.


        I also was told just before Christmas i would wait up to a year. I received the letter warning of a waiting list. Don’t worry it happened in 2 months and mine was delayed by neurology insisting on stupid carpal tunnel testing. First diagnosis 2 days ago and i fear there’s lots more appointments ahead. Keep on at the gp with all changes and things can still be nhs quick.