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    Good morning all,
    Rosemary6NT yes, there is a big beautiful Ash tree nearby.
    I always love watching someone working wood. YouTube has some great channels, it’s hypnotic as times. I follow the young lad Eric Grankvist building a log cabin by hand, in Sweden I think.
    Ellie thank you for the clarity, I must keep reminding myself this!
    Hairbsb sending you big hugs, I’ve not tried reiki, enjoy your session today. I find box breathing and pranayama help calm my mind, useful when the brain keeps going in circles when you’re trying to sleep.
    Stubot many thanks, the good lady is using a different forum at the mo, I do love the support and vibe here! Yes we shall be making the most of any help provided.

    A big thank you to all that have commented xxx

    Time to logon for work, I think I prefer this working from home malarkey


      Fraxinus thank you x I need to get myself to work. There was a programme on TV like pottery throwdown with wood. Mesmerising. Perhaps now is the time for me to try pottery x have a good day at work. Love the work malarkey. It should be used everyday haha


        A warm welcome to the forum from me Fraxinus .

        As others have said you will find friendship, understanding and good support on here. Your positive attitude will help you too 🙂

        Love Debbie x