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    Had EMG

    Had my emg yesterday.
    I paid privately waiting on results.
    my symptoms have gotten worse even over the last week
    The worst thing at the min is the nervousness like I have butterflies at the pit of my stomach all the time and if one of my kids shouts I jump out of my skin and my breathing is getting worse when I walk
    I’m so fed up now also my family are fed up as they think I’m ok as I have no pain apart from muscles cramps and the twitching they just don’t know what’s wrong with me .
    I just need those results cause it’s the not knowing now that’s hurting the most

    Earpy I agree that not knowing is the worst time, but others may well not agree. Personally, I was quite relieved when I had a positive diagnosis because it allowed me to get on with planning how to make the rest of my life as comfortable as possible.

    But you’re not there yet. Let’s hope that you’ve joined the wrong forum! Strikes me that the butterflies and other symptoms could well be anxiety related. Best wishes
    Diagnosed October 2020 - See my blog at